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Beautiful Day - Elin Hilderbrand

So I’ve read one book from this author before, which left me.. umm.. well, go see for yourself but “happy” and “satisfied” I clearly was not after reading it.

Because of that I had some worries before starting this book, because would I hate the ending this time too?

The quick answer is: no. I didn’t hate the ending at all. Actually I didn’t hate anything, on the contrary I actually liked it a lot, so yay?

This book is about 2 families. It’s about a wedding day. And it’s about a dead mother.

We get POV’s from a lot of people, but its not annoying at all. You actually get hooked pretty fast, or I did at least, and you want to know more. The character we meet the most is Margot, the sister of the Bride (Jenny).

The mother of the Bride is dead, but she has left a “wedding notebook” where she dictates gives her opinion about how she thinks the wedding should go. We get the pages from the notebook, as well.

The last page was a big letdown though.

Anyway, there is a lot of drama, and a lot of trying to fix things, and also trying to un-fix things.

You will not be “blown away” by this book in any way, but it’s a great read, and you feel like you’ve had a great time with some cool people when you finish it and what more can you ask for, really?

4 stars.