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The Kitchen House - Kathleen Grissom

It’s weird saying ”I really liked it” when the story isn’t really a happy one, but never-the-less, I did really like it.

It’s a story that begins in the late 1700’s where you meet an 8 year old Irish girl, Lavinia just after she’s been taken from her now dead parents, and siblings. She’s been brought to the States by a rich farm owner, and Lavinia gets placed with the ‘staff’ who, at the time were basically slaves, and so her story begins..

Lavinia starts out living with Belle who becomes Lavinia’s substitute mother so-to-speak. Belle also happens to be the farm owners ‘bastard’ child and the other person you follow through the years.

Lavinia is brought up with the ‘slaves’ but because she’s white her life takes a different route than Belle’s..

Or does it really?

It’s a really interesting story, and there isn’t one dull moment. No, the story doesn’t like, bombard you with drama, but it has a really nice pace, and because it keeps jumping from Lavinia’s POV to Belle’s, you don’t feel bored at all, or at least I didn’t.

4 stars.