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The Boy and the Beast - Dira Sudis

This is a Teen Wolf, Stiles and Derek fanfic.

First of all I don’t know why this is tagged as ‘slow build’ because they are pretty much in love from the first meeting, which happens, like, at the beginning of this 116k word fic, so… Slow build? No.

Ok, so Derek might be an actual wolf when they meet, and Stiles an actual, umm, human, but that doesn’t really change anything.. And no, don’t worry, I’m not saying there’s some kind of bestiality going on, but still.. Even with Derek in Wolf form, they are pretty much in love at first sight ok?

Anyway.. So yeah, this is about Stiles meeting Derek as a Wolf and then all the drama begins, but he pretty much figures it all out in like 10 seconds hence the not so slow build, and then its 115.000 words of Stiles running, but not from the bad guys, no he just runs for fun with Wolfy Derek through the woods, and lots of wolfy huffs and puffs.. Drama? What’s that?

I’m making this sound negative, I know, and I’m sorry for that, because I didn’t actually hate it or anything, I just lost interest in the story 60% through, because.. It was literally Stiles running and then when Scott entered it went too out of character and then my mind completely shut down.. I know its AU so I can’t really complain about OOC, but still.. Derek nuzzling Scott a lot and sleeping between Stiles and Scott was still a bit too much, when your favorite Derek is canon Derek who, well let’s face it, wouldn’t exactly nuzzle Scott.. I like my Derek non-Scott-nuzzling, tbh..

Anyway, so yeah, I lost interest in the story, but if you’re into Derek in wolf form and don’t mind OOC characters, I guess you could like this?

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Source: http://archiveofourown.org/works/751583?view_full_work=true