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Too many books - too much fanfiction - too little time

Important Things - suzvoy This is a Sterek fanfic a.k.a Stiles and Derek from the TV show ”Teen Wolf”.

A show I shouldn’t even like, since it has the word “teen” in it, and it’s been quite a few years (but really not that many) since I was a “teen”..

And I also don’t like teens.

I didn’t even know these guys 2 weeks ago, and look at me now? Obsessed to the point of no return.. No. freaking. Return. Seriously. No return.

But look at them though.. JUST LOOK AT THEM!


How can you NOT love these two, you know? I mean..

Look. At. Them.


You like them now too, don’t you?

Yeah, I thought so..


I fucking LOVE Sterek and I love them to such a degree that I could look at nothing but this:


Every single day for the rest of my life and be as happy as the day I found out that gingers do really have souls!

5 stars!


I just realized I didn’t review the actual story at all.. Huh.... That’s what Sterek does to me, I guess. Makes me forget to review!

Great, great Sterek story. Sweet, and it sticks to the show, which I like.. And Mama Argent is a bitch.. That alone deserves 5 stars!