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Crash Landers - gyzym

I like to do my reviews right after having finished a book or story, so that all my initial feelings are poured into the review, which also happens to be the reason why I still have tears in my eyes as I'm writing this..

You know, those kinds of tears that are right there ready to go if you, for just one second, think of the reason they are there in the first place? Which, sucks, because I actually have to write a review about this story now..

This in a Teen Wolf & Stiles/Derek fanfic, and ughh!! Yes, here come the tears…

This fic.. fuck. Umm, it really combined my love for Sterek, epistolary stories and angst so perfectly, I really have no words.. Just: Tears.

It’s a canon Teen Wolf story which is always my favorite, well, take away the ridicules idea of Scott, Allison, Lydia and Boyd’s relationship, but thankfully that’s such a small side story that you can close your eyes and pretend you never read that.

No, this is all about Stiles and Derek being amazing, well, stupid and stalkery really, but amazingly stupid and stalkery!

Stiles is bored one summer, he sees Derek’s car and decides to leave a note, and that is how this fucking brilliant epistolary Sterek fanfic starts! The thing is, it’s not the most romantic, or heartfelt or poetically beautiful fic you’ll ever read, but it’s just… ughh.. It’s just amazing. The writing is amazing, and the feelings! Ughh! It’s just… amazing!! And it made me cry, and I freaking loved all the notes, and I just loved it ok? I just really, really loved it!

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