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The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick

Do you know that moment where a book disappoints you?

After finishing this book, me too!

The movie based on this book was brilliant!

This book? Not so much..

I can’t actually recall any other time where I have loved the movie without loving the book, but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

This story is about Pat, a guy who at the beginning of the book gets picked up in a ‘mental hospital’ by his mother, and his struggle with his life after a couple of years being locked up.

Pat can’t (or won’t) remember why it is he was locked up in the first place, and he just really wants to get back with his wife, ok? He just really needs ‘apart time’ to be over, so they can get back together.. Because he just really needs his wife, ok? Because she is just really pretty and he loves the freckles on her nose, ok?

If you’ve seen the movie, you know what happens. Pat loves The Eagles, he meets Tiffany, they dance, they kiss, book over.

The thing is, in the movie, you believe it. I fucking loved that movie, and yes there were great actors, but I believed it. I believed the love story.

In the book I didn’t believe it for one second. It could be because of Pat literally talking about Nikki, his amazing wife, up until the 99,99999999999% mark. How the hell are you going to believe in a ‘love story’ if it happens in the last 0,00000000001% of the book? Hmmm?

This review may sound a big on the negative side, but that’s mainly because I had such high hopes for it, after loving the movie.

So if you haven’t watched the movie, and you’re reading this trying to figure out if you should read the book? Don’t! For the love of God, run to the nearest movie rental place (or just Netflix?) and see the movie instead!

And then come back and thank me, because yes, you’re welcome.