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[geim] - Anders de la Motte, Jacob Jonia

Damn you cliffhanger, damn you to hell!!!


Where was I? Yes, a review..

This is a great book!

This is a book, with a really cool concept, where we have a guy finding a phone on a train, and from the moment he picks it up, his life will never be the same again..

Or will it?

stupid fucking cliffhanger!

*ahem* again..

On this phone there’s a game, and HP, Henrik or Henke can’t resist the temptation, and with temptation there’s always a consequence.. Henke starts playing The Game, and after tasting the first WIN, he cant seem to let it go. No matter what The Game tells him to do.
[insert spooky sound]

We also meet Henke’s sister, Becca. A tight-ass policewoman or security guard. They have both been through a lot, and with this new game in Henke’s life, Becca suddenly needs to step in and save her brother once again.. Or is it actually the other way around?

I LOVED that, in this book, it’s a complicated relationship between a brother and a sister instead of the usual hot policewoman and hot policeman or some shit like that. I loved that there wasn’t really a love story intertwined in the plot. I just wanted MORE of the game, wanted more of what the hell was happening, and that’s what I got..

Or so I thought…