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Ghosts of Alcatraz - Carol Lynne
Everytime I do a 1 star review, I always cringe when I see the (Goodreads Author) behind the authors name, because then there is a chance the author will see the review, and I really dont want to offend anyone, so if the author is reading this, you should really not read any further..

Good Gawd, this was bad.. I mean.. Holy hell!

The premise is ok, I guess.. We're in the future, a new Alcatraz has been built, to house the most dangerous IT criminals. Some strange murders take place, and a parapsychologist, Brian Phipps gets assigned to the case. Of course he has to go undercover as the Wardens lover because really, what other reason could there be to him being there? God forbid, the news hears about the strange murders. Nope, Brian needs to be Warden Jensens lover. Fair enough. I could live with that, I thought..

Then they meet. Oh, of course they meet (for the first time) with a big make out scene, in front of people. And not once, do they stop to think: Ok, this a bit odd, you know, kissing here, with tongue, in front of peeps, and I've never seen you before? But oh well, I let it go.

5 minutes later they're practially having sex.. And I swear to God, not even a full day has gone by, when Brian thinks this, just before they have sex for the first time: "Plase make me feel like I mean something to you." They have not even known each other for 24 hours at this point!!! *Gags*

5 mins later.. Still in Brians head, we get this ridiculous beautiful monologue from him, while they are having sex FOR THE FIRST TIME, and have known each other, like I said, for less than 24 hours. While they are having sex for the first time: "He began to spin a future with Jensen in his mind. It was the everyday aspects of normalcy that Brian longed for. He wanted simple things like coming home to Jensen after a long day, maybe planting a garden in the spring with the man at his side or arguing over who left the cap off the toothpaste."

How the fuck can you dream about coming home to him after a long day, when you havent even known him one whole day?!?! Jesus Christ!

Dont get me wrong, it wasnt only the little scrawmy looking Ghost hunter who pulled this off.. Nope, it was the hard-ass Warden, who after 1(!!!) day, told the little Ghost hunter that he loved him and after Brian said that he shouldnt because the bad, bad ghost could kill Brian, Jensen said: "Then I hope it takes me as well, because I cant imagine a single day without you." You havent even known him a single day!!! Arghhh.. I cant take this anymore.. I could go on and on, about what these two say, and its fucking rediculous.. I'm sorry author.. But seriously.. This is just bad!