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Inferno - Dan Brown
Do you know the feeling when you have a million things to say, but you don’t know where to start?

Yeah, me too..

I love the way Dan Brown writes, I really do. I love the mystery, I love the hunt, the way he uses actual paintings, places and so on. So yeah, I really do love these books.. Well.. Right up until the last 40 pages, that is. Ever since, well, Angels & Demons really, the endings have just.. Ughh.. I don’t even know what to say about the endings.. It’s like Dan Brown knows his books will end up being movies now, so he’s more interested in scripting a good movie-ending than a book ending.. Which is really sad actually, because he is such a good writer! How can you not get hooked? It’s impossible. But the ending is just so bad.

I love Robert Langdon! Yes. I admit it, I love him. Granted, I loved him most in the first books, but whatever, I still love him. And even though I say that I haven’t enjoyed a Dan Brown book ending in quite some time, I still buy his new books, like, on the day of release, so what does that say about me?

This time around, Robert Langdon finds himself in Florence with amnesia. And a sweet, beautiful young woman too.. of course.. Langdon finds himself wrapped in a Dante (The divine comedy.. if you don’t know who or what that is, go look it up) mystery. Langdon goes on the run with Sienna, his sidekick, and together they set out to save the world..

Ok, that’s just a quick overview, but if you’ve read a Dan Brown book before you know how this works. The story is set in a fast pace, and you will be hooked so quickly, you don’t know what happened. I tried so hard to prolong the experience. Maybe more so, because I didn’t want to read the ending and be disappointed again. I read a couple of chapters, then put it down. Read a few again, put it down, and so on. Luckily this book also came out right before I had my only exam in civic law which I aced, btw! so I was kind of forced to put it down. Which was hard, because DB is known for his evil cliffhangers at the end of every chapter. Evil, I tell you!

Anyway.. The ending.. I don’t want to spoiler anyone, which makes it quite hard, but yeah, it’s bad… “What was the point?” is what I want to ask..

Ok, I need to go into spoiler mode for a moment:
Langdon and Sienna? Really? < insert movie moment ending> “Oh don’t cry, sweet Sienna, you’re too sweet and cute and I trust you, and you’re just so good, even though you could just have said all this ON THE VERY FIRST PAGE, but still you’re so sweet and I’ll miss you, kiss kiss.”< /end movie moment ending> and also WHAT THE FUCK? No, obviously that’s not a real quote from the book, but it could just as well have been..

Langdon kicked ass in the first books.. The last two? Yeah, not that much..

I loved everything in this book….. except the ending… again

3 stars.