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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn


I’ve been sitting here looking at the screen for a couple of minutes, trying to start this review, and I don’t know how to do this..
I have a feeling this will end up being nothing that even resembles an actual review, but I will try. I promise..

So this is a book.. (Good start, right?) And it’s about Nick and his wife Amy. Nick is a writer who loses his job, and Amy is a writer who loses her job. They end up moving to Nick’s hometown, to take care of his mother who is ill..

Honestly, I can’t even write like this!!

This is one sick book! I mean.. I thought I had a freaky and kind of creepy mind!? This author though! How do you even think like this? How can anyone seriously make up this storyline? How is that even legal?

Husband and wife moving to take care of husbands ill mother?

Sounds like a sweet, comforting storyline, right?

Please! I mean.. PLEASE!

This is an insane book that will mindfuck you! There.. That’s the storyline..

You will be hooked so fast, its ridiculous actually. I remember looking at my kindle when I had read 9% and thinking: “9%?! Only 9 Goddamn %?! How can I survive 91% more of this?!”

Good news, people. I survived!

It hooks you. Why? Well, because of the mindfucking! That’s why!

This book is written from 2 POV’s. It changes from the husbands POV, to entries from the wife’s diary. And it’s insane! The things you read! The things that you get told, but then not enough, because, holy mother of sweet baby Jesus, you want more! You need more! After reading 9% I wanted to skip to the last chapter so I could get the ending.. I mean.. After 9%?!

The wife is missing.. Where is this sweet, loving wife? She’s been taken. She’s been kidnapped. The husband is missing his sweet, loving wife. We need her back!

But then all of sudden it’s enough. Tooo much freaking information!


And the hunt for the kidnapper is on!

But.. No.. He didn’t.. Seriously? [insert hate] Fuck.. She? Nooooo…


So ok, yes, I admit it, there might be personal reasons to why this book made me have these intense feelings while reading, but I know I’m not the only one, with these personal reasons, so I wonder how many of the thousands of other readers, freaked like me.. How many of the other readers hated the husband just like me? Because I did. Oh god, I so did. And I still do. Why do I not hate the wife?! I’m such an awful person.

The ending is perfect, and not at all what I had feared. The ending is so insane that I hadn’t even thought of it, but seriously? So fucking perfect!

If there hadn’t been so much ‘summing up’ in the last couple of chapters, it would have been 5 stars for sure..

Let me end with a quote from the book..

“Love should require both partners to be their very best at all times. Unconditional love is an undisciplined love…”

Amy.. Umm... Yeah..