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Heart in Hand - salifiable
((First read dec. 2011. Second read march 2013))


Nov. 20. 2011

Flipping hell! Who the fuck would have known? Sorry for my language.. But seriously.. Holy shit!

Ok, so when I started this online free read, at 22.00 last night (first mistake) I just wanted to read a chapter to see what it was about.. I’ll come back to that though..

First of all.. This is apparently some kind of fanfiction about two real hockey players? (forgive me if I’m wrong) It’s a 18 chapter story and its full of hockey lingo, and yes, I do know some of the basic rules about ice hockey, but definitely not a lot.. I don’t know the teams that are mentioned and I definitely don’t know who all the players are, who were mentioned..

Ok, so with all that, why the fuck did I still end up reading the whole thing in one go?! Huh?? I was flipping hooked right from the first word! And I don’t know a thing about ice hockey? W.T.F. ?!

That’s really a statement to how well this was written, I think. That the author can hook someone who’s not at all interested in ice hockey, but just absolutely fell in love with the two characters. That’s good writing, right there!

Its so good, that I stayed up reading the whole thing in one go, as I said, which means, that since I went to bed, and to now, (writing this first thing in the morning at work) its been about 4 hours.. Which also means, that I have gotten around 2 hours of sleep last night, because I couldn’t put this flipping story down.. Holy*yawns*Shit

This is about 2 pro ice hockey players, from two different teams, having to work together, and end up falling in love.. Sounds delish, right? Yeah, trust me, it is! A lot happens from the first page to the last though, and I’m not joking when I say that there is a lot of hockey talk.. I say I’m not interested in hockey, and I’m not, but at least I know the basics of the game, like what a stick and puck is. But for someone who doesn’t know anything about the sport, I think the story could lose you along the way.. There really is a lot of hockey talk.. But then again.. There is also a lot of Alex and Sid talk, and those parts? Mmmmm Delicious! They are just too freaking yummy together! With that said, I should also point out, that this is not a hot sex story, so if you want steamy male on male sex, this is not for you, but if you want a great, super cute read, and know at least a little about hockey, then this could definitely be for you. 4 stars.

4 stars


March 31. 2013

I look back at the review above I wrote 1½ years ago and have to kind of laugh, even though I still have tears in my eyes after just having finished reading this fanfic, this story, for the 2nd time.

Back then, like I wrote, I had no clue about hockey, but that quickly changed after reading the story back then. I fell so much in love with Ovie and Sid that I had to look them up. I had to find out more. I needed more. And so I read every. single. fanfic I could find (and sadly there are not that many. Geno and Sid? Really?) I looked them up on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube.. Oh, YOUTUBE! Rawwr And so yes, I completely feel in love with, not only the idea of Sid and Ovie but with the people themselves.

The biggest change though, is that now, 1½ years later, after reading one fanfic story, I now LOVE hockey! I love watching Ovie play and I love watching Sid play, and the few times a year they actually play each other in real life? Holy fuck. It’s come close to something of an actual holiday for me, all because of one single fanfic story. That’s how much a story can change a person’s life.

Thanks to Twitter I also now know everything about Ovie, and his beard fiancé. Ovie is the best, and after reading this story you can just see him so clearly in it too. Sid is Sid, and yeah, he’s a freak, so I still don’t know shit about him. [insert me pouting] Seriously dude, get on the social media train will you?!

I can’t believe I fell so much in love with the story without knowing anything about hockey back then. Because now, reading it for the 2nd time, while actually knowing something about the sport? While actually knowing who all these people are? Wow.. Yeah.. Just.. Wow..

This is one amazing story and one amazing writer!

5 stars!