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Lover at Last - J.R. Ward (Continued from earlier book)


Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay!

Can you say: About. Fucking. Time.

Team Qhuay, all the way, baby!! <3</b>


March 2013:

I’m writing this minutes after finishing – which is the way I like to do reviews, because then all my original thoughts and emotions go into the review, and also why I don’t know how this ’review’ is ever going to resemble anything that looks like an ‘actual review’ because fuck.. Fuck!!

This was Qhuinn and Blay’s book - after years of waiting, I finally got and read Qhuinn and Blay’s fucking book, and my heart is split in two inside me right now! I am so fucking happy for these two guys, I am so fucking happy that my two babies, my two favorite vamps people, my two best friends - so happy for Blay, my brother from another mother, and so goddamn happy for Qhuinn, my soulmate! My gay-ishly bisexual soulmate! No, fuck that, my gay soulmate! I’m so fucking happy for them, but at the same time? Me? Fuck! I am so not happy right now! I have finished their book! How the hell do you say ‘goodbye’ to these two? How the fuck do I say ‘goodbye’ to all that they mean to me? That they have meant to me?! All that they have given me?
It’s like, the second I finished this book, one part of my heart exploded with love and happiness and “fuck yeah!-feelings” and the other part drowned and died because I will never have this again, I will never have this book again, I will never have these two guys like this again. And no one will ever come close. No one can ever compare to the feelings I have for these two, the insane love I feel for these two guys! Never will there be a couple I will wait years for, love to this degree and that is what I am mourning right now.. That is why I feel like one part of my heart got ripped out the second I finished this book.. the other part though?

Let me start of by saying: No I didn’t love everything about this book, was somewhat disappointed about some of it, but I couldn’t not give it 5 stars. Why? Because it’s fucking Qhuay, that’s why!

My first complaint with this book is all the side stories. Yes, ok, if you’ve read these books before you know that that is pretty common, but still, we had 4 fucking love stories going at the same time, and that shit just doesn’t fly!

What the fuck is going on in the world when goddamn Trez gets a massive POV? Ughh.. Be gone.. Trez and Selena? [insert me yawning] Couldn’t give a fuck even if I tried.

Assail and Sola? Ok, can’t really trash that, because I liked them together. But they took page time away from Qhuay, and so therefore I have to not like them. (But I do)

Layla and Xcor? I’m pretty sure that no one has hated on Layla more than me, ever since she pretty much date-raped Qhuinn during her needing.. Hated her and her little baby FUBAR..

Surprisingly I can’t say the same after reading this book. No, I’m not going to be Layla’s BFF all of a sudden, but shit, Blay saved the little fucktard, so I can’t hate it or her blond mother.. Ughh.. Thanks a lot, Blay! [insert me secretly fist bumping him]

Qhuinn and Blay? Damn.. Damn, damn, damn! I think I hated JRW in a 1000 different ways while reading their story line. All the goddamn shit she put them through. Make ups, break ups, make ups and goddamn break ups. Ughh. But then again, that’s what I wanted wasn’t it? I wanted angst, and so much of it I could taste it. And that’s what I got. I broke down completely while reading. Several times.

JRW knows how to write Qhuinn, so fucking good, all his pain, and his inner monologues, I felt them all, and I broke down, but where the fuck was the emotion between Qhuinn and Blay?!

It’s like she blanked out whenever Blay had to show some emotion between them. Ughh.. Not good, dude!

Other than that I don’t think I will comment on what was missing, or if she wrote the sex scenes “good enough” – fuck that shit. If you want to complain about whether or not Qhuinn and Blay used lube, well, then, go complain somewhere else, because I couldn’t care less.. That is SO NOT THE POINT of this story! Seriously, you’re reading a paranormal romance book full of vampires, blood drinking and goddamn angels, and you want to complain about the lack of lube between two dudes? Fuck off!

For me it’s all about the emotions, and the angst, and the way they held each other, the way they touched each other, the way they laughed together, the way they danced together, and it’s always, always about the way they love each other!

Always Qhuay!