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Fade (In the Company of Shadows, #3) - Santino Hassell,  Ais


Ok, so, yeah.. I really want to know what the fuck happened to Emilio and Carhart, and I want it written in nothing less than 1000 pages, and I want it right now, goddammit!



I hate endings like this.. I mean.. Fuck! I want more!!

In this final part of Sin and Boyd’s journey, we, like we’re used to by now, have to go through a lot of shit to get to the good parts, but then when we finally get to take a breath, to stop and smell the fucking roses and all that shit, motherfucking modified freaks come after us, and we get screwed all over again! And so not in the good way!

Seriously, where the fuck is Emilio and Carhart?!

Furthermore, how much do I need the (1000+ page) story of what life was like for Carhart and Emilio in prison, because seriously, I need that story in my life as much as I need to breathe, because that is just.. Those two.. that setting.. hardcore motherfuckers in prison.. Carhart and Emilio in prison? Jesus fucking Christ! I can’t even.. I need that story! Like air!

Ok, enough about Carhart and Vega Senior for now…

But really though.. I need that story!

In most of this book, Sin was actually Danny the Diner cook, because the Agency had taken away all his memories and told everyone he was dead. And so because of that, this part of this epic journey wasn’t as emotional as the others were, not for me at least. For me this final chapter of ICos was completely stolen by Carhart and Emilio.. Shit, I can’t not mention them, I guess.. But it just proves my point, that, yes, I love Sin and Boyd, fuck yeah I do, could read about those two together forever and a day, but Fade was really all about Carhart and Emilio for me.


As a I said, a lot of shit happens, and you love it and hate it, but hey, as long as Sin got his Boyd and Emilio got his Zach, how can we not be happy?

5 stars..

P.s I really fucking need that prison story!