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Beauty Awakened - Gena Showalter Smack me and call me Phoenix!

If anyone had said that I would love anyone as much as I loved/love Zacharel I would have laughed in their face. Yes. In their face, because that’s just what I do.

In comes Koldo, and Holy Mother of sweet baby Jesus!!

I laughed!

I cried!

I sighed!

I moaned! I moaned, people!

I love him! And that’s all I have to say..

In this 2nd book in the Angels of the dark series, we meet Koldo again.

He’s still the tough tormented guy, but we get to see so many new sides to him when he meets his match in the little fragile human girl, Nicola. Nicola and her twin sister Laila are both sick, and dying, and Koldo needs to teach them to fight for their lives, so-to-speak.

I loved Nicola, and she really is the perfect match for Koldo.. Well, except for me, but whatevs..

I’ve said it before and I will gladly say it again: I love Gena Showalter!! The chick can write!

She needs to be punished for giving us Legion [insert gagging noise] but again, whatevs..

This was all about Koldo and Nicola and it was amazing!

5 stars.