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Too many books - too much fanfiction - too little time

Capture - Roger  Smith < rant on >

You know what? I am sick of good things happening to bad people!

Ever since I read Gone Girl, I’ve been sick and tired of good things happening to bad people!

And you know what else? I’m sick of books hooking me with twisted and sick storylines, hooking me with insane storylines, hooking me with fucked up people doing fucked up things, only to come to the last 20% of the book, and you can smell the goddamn ending a mile away. The goddamn happy fucking ending a. mile. away.

That’s what I’m sick and tired of. If you’re going for the sick and twisted storyline, go for the sick and freaking twisted ending too!! The one I can’t smell a mile away!!



< rant off >

This book is about Nick and his wife and their daughter Sunny. Sunny drowns early on, and for the rest of the book, you follow Nick getting into deep shit with “Uncle Vermin” who’s a bad guy, and Dawn the local stripper…..

Really, the storyline is sick and twisted, and dammit I was hooked!

But the ending?!


Disney movie.