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Too many books - too much fanfiction - too little time

Missed Connections: Love, Lost & Found - Sophie Blackall I didn’t know the blog ’Missed Connections’ before reading this book, but I love everything epistolary, including notes, postcards, whatever and in this case a book full of notes from people looking for ’Missed Connections’ – people they’ve seen on the train or talked to but was too shy to ask for a number.

The notes are accompanied by the ‘author's’ self-made drawings.

If you like blogs and books such as PostSecret the chances are you’ll like this too. A book full of strangers looking for each other, or in some cases old friends and lovers.. Missed Connection #90…. [insert me with tears in my eyes]

The ‘found’ word could be deleted from the title though..

It’s a quick read, but I loved it.

4 stars.