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Dark Places - Gillian Flynn Damn, this author really knows how to make my blood boil!

When that is said, I have to admit I had some expectations for this book, from reading Gone Girl first, and I now wish I hadn’t. Read Gone Girl first, that is. If you’re reading this, and debating whether to read Dark Places or Gone Girl, then definitely read this first and then run pick up Gone Girl. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Considering the sick and twisted ending in Gone Girl, I was expecting (and hoping) for something similar in this story, which I didn’t get, and therefore I have to admit I was a bit disappointed the second I finished.

I’ve still really enjoyed reading the book, and the way this author knows how to create insane cliffhangers, because of how the POV’s jump back and forth.

Anyway, this book is about Libby who survived an attack, 24 years ago, where her Mom and two sisters were murdered. Libby testified against her Brother who has been in prison, for the murders, ever since. Libby was 7 when she testified, and is now living a secluded life, stealing, trying to get through. She hasn’t talked to or seen her brother, Ben, in all these years. Something happens though, and suddenly she’s on an…. interesting journey to try and find some…. interesting answers…

First of all, I want to thank the Author for not adding a love story to the story! Brava!

Second, I really liked Libby. She was a sad and depressing human being, but you couldn’t help but like her and root for her, and hope for the best.. Ben, her idiot brother.. Ugh.. I hate him..

Is there anything I hate more than good things happening to bad people, in books? No, there is not. (RE: blood boiling)

The thing about this book is that, as in Gone Girl, you get so wrapped up in the story, and the author keeps giving you tiny, tiny bits and hints, which makes it impossible to put down, because you need just one more chapter, just one more chapter!

Like I said, I’m sorry I read Gone Girl first, because it gave me some twisted expectations that Dark Places couldn’t live up to, but never the less, I really liked the story, and I was hooked, so 3 big stars to Libby and her idiot brother..