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Wild About You - Kerrelyn Sparks If you ever need to find the definition of a filler book in a series, then look no further because this is the definition of such a book. This book is #13 in the ‘Love at Stake’ series and nothing happens in the war against the Malcontents, this book is all about Howard and his mate, Elsa.

We’ve all loved Howard, but we’ve also all been used to Howard being chubby and semi-bald, and trust me, this is not a Howard who is chubby and semi-bald in any way, if you know what I’m sayin..

It took me a while to readjust to that, but then I started picturing Howard as looking like Joe Manganiello, and then I was all good.. Because, you know… Rawwrr..

As a filler book, this was OK, I liked Howard and Elsa’s story, but it didn’t get me riled up in any way like some of the other books did, so I can only give it 3 stars.