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Wool 5: The Stranded - Hugh Howey It must be a woman who wrote this.. Why else the happy ending, huh? Ok, I know it technically didn’t actually end here, since there is now a part 6 and 7, but still.. What is up with the happy ending?!

And how evil a person am I for not liking happy endings?!!


This was part 5 of the series, and it feels like it was supposed to end here, but really, what do I know about that?

Happy ending, really? Ugh.. Sorry. Still a little pissed about that.. If you’ve read the stories, you know how dark and gritty it started out, so why not continue with that? Why not make it even DARKER, for Christ sakes. Stories don’t always need flowers and poetry..


In this part we get answers to all or most of our questions. Definitely my favorite part minus the happy, boy crying, butterflies in stomach, love saves us all ending so far.. A lot of stuff goes down, and if you’ve read my reviews of 1-4 you’ll know how slow I thought it was – and still do, there’s just a lot more going on in this one, so it doesn’t feel as slow..

4 stars.