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Shadow's Claim - Kresley Cole

Only Kresley Cole could make me sob through a sex scene.. She's just that fucking good, ya'll!

Could I love this more? No. I could not!

Review tomorrow.. Need. Sleep.


There - I’ve slept on it, and have my feelings, about the book, changed, you wonder?

Why no, no they haven’t.

I freaking loved this book!

It’s so much more than that, actually. I’m a book lover. I’m a reader. I love, love, love to read, but once a year, or so, I completely lose my “mojo” – my reading mojo, and for a reader? For a book lover? That’s not very fun – at all.

I was deep in no-mojo land when I picked this book up, just to see what the first pages were like, the next thing I knew I had finished the book! That is what Kresley Cole is. To me. She is the only author who can make me forget that I was supposed to be in no-mojo land. And I LOVE her for that. I really do.

If I were into girls, I would be into Kresley Cole – and her hubby is Swedish, so she must have a thing for us Scandinavians, ey?

Wait.. Where was I going with this?

Book review!


If you loved the wickedness of Lothaire, you will love the Prince of Shadow too, Trehan Daciano. I love how he turns wicked when he’s turned on.. I mean.. Damn! *fans herself*

This is the first book in the spin-off to the Immortals After Dark series (which is my favorite series, btw. Biased? Me? Noooo..) and yes, you could probably read this if you haven’t read the IAD books, and still like it, but ohhh, you would miss out on all the Amazingness that is Kresley Cole’s characters, so really, if you’re reading this, and haven’t read the IAD series? Go. Run. READ!

This book is about Trehan finding his Bride and fighting for her. Quite literally. His Bride is “in love” with her BFF though, so trouble awaits the both of them..

These kinds of storylines are my favorite.. That may be cheesy as hell, but fuck it; I love the whole “fighting for your true love” thing. Love it.

Trehan and Bettina.. What’s there to say really? Rawrrr… They were perfect. Lots of imperfection apart, but together? Damn! *fans herself* Perfection!

5 stars!