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Wool 3: Casting Off - Hugh Howey In this 3rd installment we mostly follow Juliette who we met at the last part of story #2. Juliette takes the job as Sheriff, but maybe she shouldn’t have.. Or should she?

I’ve said before that it’s weird being hooked to these stories, or just to this story (it’s really just one story) because “nothing really happens” and I still feel that way, but I may have figured out why.. It’s the pace of the story.. It’s really slow.. But that doesn’t mean it’s slow in a ‘bad’ way, but these people are living in a silo with stairs going up and down 100+ floors, so you can only imagine, that even when they are runing they are gasping and trying to catch their breath – which makes the pace seem slow I guess.. For me at least. But again, I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just.. different.. And like I said: I’m hooked, so how bad can it be, you know?

Anyway, Juliette is the Sheriff, but she can’t help to think about Hobson and what he did. She tries to use her new Sheriff powers, and ends up being sent to the cleaners… Or does she?

Definitely my favorite part so far.. Even with that cliffhanger!

4 stars.