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Sh*t My Dad Says - Justin Halpern Me? Prejudice? Nooo..

Before reading this book, I had/have been following the twitter-account with the same name, so I knew what the theme was here..

The first thought that struck me though, was: “No fuckin way, any father talk like this in real life. Just no fucking way!” Sorry for cursing btw, but I thought it would be in keeping with the book. You don’t like cursing, you say? Yeah, you should probably not read this book then, because I’m not shitting you, every other word is either ‘fuck’, ‘shit’, ‘bullshit’, [insert your own]. Now, don’t think I have a problem with that, no, in my country “fuck” is such a normal word that it just got added to the Danish dictionary. Fuck is now in the Danish dictionary, people.. Think about that for a second. #TrueStory

Yes, so “fuck” or any cuss words don’t bother me. We all know how Americans view cuss words though, and I had a hard time linking the language of the ‘Dad’ who cusses this much, to the ‘Dad’ who is a Dr. that studies nuclear medicine. Which yes, makes me prejudice. Apparently I don’t believe highly educated people cuss (this much!) in America.. Then I googled this particular man/Dad/Dr., and after having seen him, I have no problem imagining him cussing this much. Which yes, makes me prejudice. Once again.

Confused? Yeah, me too.

Anyway. After having let go of the “this is so not real” I enjoyed the story, or stories, and it even got me to snort laugh on the train a couple of times.

If you enjoy the twitter-feed you will probably enjoy this too.

If you have a problem with cuss words, do not read this book.