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The Unlikely Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry - Rachel Joyce


Yeah.. Wow..

Its been a while since a book has made me cry this much..

Review tomorrow...


The next day.

I have a feeling this book is going to be hard to review, because when I think back to what the story was about, it wasn’t anything special. Honestly, it really wasn’t. Which makes absolutely no sense at all, considering how much I cried while reading it.

And it wasn’t just a little crying at the end, no it was full blown bawling sobbing throughout the book.. I mean, throughout ALL of the book. According to my notes, it started at page 52, and then the tears didn’t stop before the book ended..

How crazy is that?! And how crazy indeed, when I then say that the story wasn’t anything “special”..

It’s about Harold Fry, a man who retired from work 6 months ago. He now stays at home with his wife of 47 years, Maureen.

We quickly learn that their marriage isn’t really all that good. They have “grown apart” as they say, and for so many reasons. They are still “together”, though more in spirit then in actual “together-together-ness.”

One day Harold gets a note from an old friend, Queenie, and he starts out on a walk that will change his life.

See.. That doesn’t sound so exciting right? It is though. For some reason, Harold sucks you right in, and after meeting him you can’t let him go. You don’t want to let him go. Trust me.

Harold walks away from the life he knows, away from the wife he knows, the only woman he has ever loved. Does he still love her? Does she even love him?

Harold and Maureen.. What’s there to say about those two. They were the ones who made me cry. Good God, how I cried.. Every time Harold thought of Maureen I cried, and every time Maureen thought of Harold I cried. And considering these two are the only people you “hear” from, yeah, I cried a lot. But I think we’ve established that by now..

I don’t know what it is about these two that made me cry this much though, and you can very well be reading this, after reading the book, and be all like: “Why the hell did this woman cry over this book? Its nothing special.” And you would be right. Because the actual story may not be “anything special” because really – it’s a 65 year old man –walking- but holy hell.. It’s amazing. It really is. And you should read it.. You really should..

Harold will stay with you long after you’ve finished this book.. Trust me.. I have an empty box of Kleenex to prove it..