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Playing Dead - Julia Heaberlin I liked the premise of this story, and I liked the beginning of the book. The story definitely got me quick, but the writing, or “building of the story” kinda ruined it for me. I know nothing about the author, but the story seems like it’s been written by someone who hasn’t written a lot of books. It’s the way that the MC all of sudden knows how to do something because it’s helpful to the story. It’s the very, very uninteresting “love story”. Ok, fair enough, not every book needs a “love story” but if you introduce the long lost love hero of a boyfriend, you need to do something about it. Not just.. this.. Very unsatisfied. The surprising love story here would have been with Jack.. But no..

This book is written like an episode of some 1 hour TV crime show. You get all the information, and it leads to 4 or 5 different suspects and in the end you get a heartwarming slow-motion scene of the mother running to her ‘long lost’ daughter. (This is not a spoiler, btw.. No slow-motion running mothers….)

That’s exactly how this is written.. I like the premise, didn’t like the building of the story.

3 stars.