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The Telling (The Telling, #1) - Eden Winters
I've read 2 other books by this author, and absolutly loved them (!) so I'm not surprised that I liked this one as well..

Its about Michael, a 22 year old guy, who has spent the last 4 years in Iraq.. He comes home with alot of baggage, and some emotional scars he needs to overcome, so to speak..

On his first day home, he meets his sisters best friend, Jay.. And finds himself in love for the first time..

I'm surprised there wasnt more drama, with a subject such as this.. Its not that I like too much drama, but I just didnt get a single "oh no" moment while reading this book.. Sometimes Michael frustrated me a bit too.. Its a very sweet story though, which also surprises me, when its about a guy coming home from a war, but thats what it is.. Sweet..

Even though they did my number one "dont you dare" and used the word Love after the first date.. Grrrr..

I wasnt expecting sweet, so maybe thats why I'm a bit torn here.. I've been reading a lot of 'soldier' stories lately, and they definitely werent sweet, but I guess thats what I needed.. Just a sweet love story, and thats what I got.. A very sweet (and hot male on male) love story.