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In One Person - John Irving It hurts my heart to give a John Irving book 2 stars, because I really do love the way he writes, and usually his stories, unusual as they may be, still ’get me’ – but I cant say it did this time around.

This is a book about…. Umm.. well, maybe that’s my problem, I don’t exactly know what Mr. Irving was trying to say with the story. I mean, I get the basic storyline:

Billy, the MC is an older man telling a story. He’s telling us the story of “his life” and how he has lived as a bisexual man.

Of course that’s not all that happens, but then again, it kinda is. Because the only side to the MC we get to know, is the side of him being bisexual, and how everything he does, apparently, has to do with him being bisexual, and how other people in his life reacts to him being bisexual.

I always try to connect with the people I read about, but I just couldn’t relate to Billy or anyone else in this book, which made it very hard to read, because I got bored easily and found it hard to pick up..

Its not because of the ‘bisexual’ part I couldn’t relate, I just didn’t really like Billy or anyone else for that matter. Of course growing up in the 40-50-60’s as a bisexual must have been hard, but we didn’t really get that POV either. It was all about Billy and his crushes or the people he slept with, and how they were men or ladies with small breasts. I mean.. I just don’t think we got anything exciting from or about Billy.

To me all we got was a bird’s eye view of the storyline, and it became a bit boring.

Also.. What are the odds that there are so many bisexual/transgender boys at the same school?

Like I said I got the basic storyline, but I don’t get what Irving is trying to say with this, or what the moral of the story is? Is there a moral? Every author wants to say something with their story, right? And usually you can read it clearly, but I just don’t have a clue after finishing.

What I take away from this, is that it can be lonely being bisexual – but I refuse to believe that is the moral of the story..