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Summerland - Elin Hilderbrand Let me warn you, I feel a rant coming..

Maybe I should also warn you that there will be words such as ‘lesbian’, ‘paranormal romance’ and ‘what the fuck?!’ in the review you’re about to read.. If you decide to keep going that is.. Oh, and the stuff tagged "spoiler" below is very, very spoiler, so dont hit those if you dont want spoilers from the book.

This book is about a suicide on the tiny island of Nantucket. It’s the suicide of Penny, the most popular 15 year old girl, the star of the island, so of course everyone is wondering what could possibly lead her to that.

That’s what this book is about.. You get POV’s, well, not actually POV’s, but you get chapters from different people in her life, such as her twin brother, boyfriend, mom, and so on. You even get POV’s from the island itself! Or is that just the nosy neighbors?

Anyway, you get these POV’s and in the beginning it’s a great way to read the story, and I actually started out loving the story. I mean, what had happened to this girl? You keep getting more and more information, so of course you get more and more intrigued..

Which leads to this moment in time: I’ve now read it, and I know what happened, and I don’t even know what to say..

What was the point of this story? What did the author want to say with this? I honestly can’t figure it out! That suicide just happens sometime? That you have to let it go? That cheating on your wife of 20 years, who is depressed, because she lost a baby, is OK, and probably “for the best?” I mean.. What the fuck? What the actual fuck?!

If this is the point of the book, I will always look back, to this point in time, as where I decided to jump ship and become a lesbian.. Honest to God. And honestly Ava, you stay in Australia to adopt a baby, while your husband supports you financially, after you send him to live with his girlfriend in America.. Are you fucking kidding me with this?!! If you want to leave your idiot husband, then go get a damn job, and support yourself! Omg, I can’t even.. I honestly had to stop myself from throwing my Kindle at that point..

People who ask me why I love to read Paranormal romance books, should go read the last two books I’ve read and then come back and ask again.. Men in “real” books (Hello Jordan, yes I mean you!) are apparently bastards, so is it any wonder I love my PNR where men go all MINE! on their women and where they would rather cut off their own dick before cheating on their women?! Ughh.

Anywho.. Ava and Jordan completely ruined this book for me. Had Ava had more ‘balls’ I would probably have given this a lot of stars, because the main plot with Penny and trying to figure out her suicide was interesting and I loved the different POV’s..

Now I can only give it 2 stars.