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The Pen Pal - Rayven Skyy ((Freebie on Amazon/Kindle))

Why bring God into it though?

Really.. Why?

This is a short story about two pen pals. An older white woman writes to a 18 year old black guy who’s in prison for murder..

I’m all about epistolary books, and I’ve had my share of pen pals too (what can I say, I like getting letters?) so I thought this would be something for me.. Why bring God into it though? Really.. Why?

These two pen pals quickly get attached (“I love you’s” after the 3rd letter.. Really now? Really?!) and later after the kid tells her some of his secrets, the older woman share some of hers, and so the story ends.. Happily ever after and all that jazz.. o_O

I can’t help but compare this to “real life” which this is most definitely not. Just ask my BFF pen pal.. He would laugh at this..

I like the premise, but not the fairytale writing, story or ending.