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Too many books - too much fanfiction - too little time

A Stranger in Triva - Marten Weber

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This book is written through short stories, all related to each other in some way..

Had we only gotten the last ‘story’ in the book, I would have been much happier. Some of these ‘stories’ were just.. Ughh.. Be gone..

This book is… Ughh.. I don’t even want to write a real review. I just want to post some quotes from the book and see how many people the author I can piss off..

Does that make me a bad person?

Lets do this..

His father works for Cathay Pacific. His mother is at home. He grew up in America, and, of all places, Denmark.”

Ok, so at first glance this might not seem so bad, at second glance this could definitely piss off some of the people who grew up in, of all places, Denmark..


There is a type of gay novel out, male on male romance books written by women, which give me the creeps. They are fake and full of soppy emotional shit only chicks dig. They feature tender men, who understand their lover’s feelings, and hold them close after ejaculation, stroking their hair. What the fuck?
Gay men are no more in touch with their feelings than straight men! And women know fuck-all about fags and their
passionate hearts.”


Religion makes people dumb. The two most effective things to avoid thinking are television and religion. America managed to elevate both tools into an art… fanatical religion and mind-numbing television… what’s left is a continent of zombies who are proud to be dumb, arrogant, lazy, loud and obnoxious: completely out of touch with the rest of the world.”


‘Ah, the Mormons,’ Marie Ellen had written in her autobiography. ‘It is no coincidence the words sounds so much like moron. We are the dumbest of American races, and I hate myself for being born into their midst. Mormons have destroyed the lives of thousands, and continue to wreak havoc, killing and maiming generation after generation of innocents, with sheer stupidity and ignorance.’”


Don’t feel too bad Mormons, the same girl who wrote that, also said and thought this:

You suck him? Oh that is so cool. I am going to watch my brother suck a huge cock.


Don’t look at me like that! I have no idea…