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Too many books - too much fanfiction - too little time

For Certain Values of Family - Manna Francis This is the 7th book in this series and it has one long and 2 shorter stories.

The first story is Family Values (available online)


Holy crap.. It took me 3 days to get through this.. Wow..

The last book, 'First Against The Wall' really screwed this series up for me, I guess.. God, I hated what we didn’t get in that book, so I just couldn’t get into this novella..

It’s about Tarin getting in trouble, and Warrick wanting to help him in some way.. Which of course leads to Toreth getting him through it..

This was a 2 star story, right up until the last sentence.. Why the fuck couldn’t we have gotten something like that in the last book?

Oh well.. I was in awe of Warrick and Toreth before the last book, and I really hate that I'm not anymore..
3 stars


2nd story is Boy's Toys (available online)


Ok, we all know that Warrick is one kinky guy, but this.. Holy Hell!

Even I was scared that Toreths finger would slip..

This is a short about Warrick finding out that he also has a Gun kink.. Yes.. And he finds out in the most kinky way possible..

It’s a bit too.. Umm.. "I would rather not, please" for me, but this is still the way I like my Warrick and Toreth the best.. Just the two of them, doing weird shit.. Or just doing whatever.. As long as they are together, I'm good.. And so are they.. If they would just admit it, already!
4 stars


The 3rd and last story is Prodigal (only in book)


It’s been so long I honestly can’t remember much. It’s about Carnac..

That’s pretty much what I remember.

3 stars (which is the # of stars you give to stories you can’t remember but probably liked)


All in all.. 3 stars..

Toreth and Warrick are amazing.. But they are mostly amazing in the first 4 books in the series..