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Wicked Nights - Gena Showalter
Holy mother of sweet baby Jesus!

Ask me if I loved this book?

Come on, ask me!

YES!! God, I loved this book!

I had multiple toe-curling sessions while reading this book, because it was just that good, and Zach was just… that good.. *shivers*

This is the first book in the LOTU spin-off series, and its Zach’s story. We met Zach first in The Darkest Secret (I think?) but we definitely got a lot more of him in The Darkest Seduction, and I completely fell in love with him in that book, so I may have squealed when Gena announced that Zach would get his own Angel book..

(I totally squealed, btw..)

Zach is the coldhearted and cocky leader of an Angel gang that is full of Angels, who are on the edge of falling from heaven.. Zach is too, btw. On a mission he finds Annabelle, and she ends up being his redemption.. Maybe?

You can’t start this book and expect it to be very different from any other PNR book. It just doesn’t work that way. They are really almost always written after the same recipe, and this one is no different from that.. But it’s just sooo good.. Its angst and its “will he/wont he” and it’s just.. toe-curling good!

Anna and Zach?? Yes! Just.. Hell. Yes.

‘Nuff said..

LOVED this book!

5 stars