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My Wife and My Dead Wife - Michael Kun
Oh, Mr. President!

Or I guess that should be:

Oh, Mr. Author!

My, my, my… Why have you been hiding this?

Well, I guess I can’t really say that, since this book came out in 2004. It’s just that this is the last of the authors books I needed to read, and.. My, my, my…

I should really divide this review in 2 parts. The first part would be 3 stars, the last part of the book? Hello, 5+ stars!

This book is about Hamilton Ashe (rhymes with cash), also known as Ham (like the meat). I once knew another guy called Ham Ashe.. You could too… But if your heart easily breaks, maybe you shouldnt.. (You Poor Monster) This Ham Ashe is different though.. Oh, how I didn’t like him in the first part of the book. But that mostly had to do with his wife girlfriend Renée.. Those two? Oh god.. it was like watching a 12 year old couple living together, doing nothing but pout and then make up.. And then a lot more pouting.. Seriously, couldn’t stand Renée.. and this book also taught me that I really don’t like the nickname “Sweet Potato”.. Nope.. Really don’t like that nickname… Seriously Ham.. Calling your new girlfriend, the same nickname as you called your ex-wife? Really? I mean… Really?!

[Insert me shaking my head while making tsk tsk sounds]

Anyway, so yeah, first part of the book: Not much happened, really..

Second part of the book: Wow.. I mean:
My, my, my..

Do you know that surprised, but amused feeling you get when you hear a sudden curse word from a young church-going-angel-like-pigtail-wearing-young-innocent girl? A bit like this:


Well, I got that from the second part of this book.. Out of nowhere and very all of a sudden there was sex and curse words! I mean.. If you’ve read other Kun books, you would know that that is not what we usually get, but here it was.. and I was shocked! I was so shocked that I completely forgot to yell “Hell yes” which of course would have been my reaction had I not been that shocked.. At first of course, the sex scenes, were written Kun style, which made me laugh out loud.. It really did.. First “real” sex scene that Ham is hearing through the walls:

“Oh, baby,” I hear a man say.
And a woman says, “You are so good, baby. Give it to me. Oh, cook me,” only she doesn’t say “cook.”
And he says, “Oh.”
And she says, “Cook me. Cook me. Cook me with your porcupine.”
And he say, “Oh, your fishbowl is so tight.”
They don’t say “porcupine” or “fishbowl”.

This is just a few lines from this very epic sex scene, but now you can understand why I pretty much squealed when I read my first “fuck in this book.. <-- That scene was worth an extra star all by itself..<br/>
There were soooo many things I loved in the second part of the book. Like I’ve said, I’ve read 6 books now by Kun, and it’s almost as the writing becomes the “Kun-writing” I’ve grown to love halfway through this book..

Loved it!

And really, when a book has a line such as this:

“The best-looking women are redheads” he’d say, which I had to agree with.”

How can I not love it?

Redheads unite!