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Den anden hånd - Chris Cleave, Jesper Klint Kistorp
This is a very touching story, which may sound strange when I tell you that it is also a story where I multiple times thought: “What the fuck is this?”

That only had to do with Lawrence though.. Oh God.. Lawrence… I hate him..

But let me start the actual review before I go into what I hate, huh?

This is a story about Little Bee, who is a young girl from Nigeria.. When she is 14 she has to run for her life, with her big sister, and while running, they meet Andrew and Sarah, a British married couple. That meeting will turn out to have deadly consequences – for everyone..

This story is about Little Bee, and her journey to becoming a “free” bee. It’s also a story of Sarah having to find the real Sarah.. Which is where Lawrence enters.. Oh my Fuckity fuck fuck, I hate that dude… H.A.T.E! Hate, hate, hate! I should really hate Sarah too, but I don’t know what the eff the Author was thinking? Why have Lawrence come on the night of Andrew’s funeral that.. Huh? Huh, author? What the hell were you thinking? I just don’t understand why Lawrence had to be part of this at all?! Why have Lawrence ask “What’s the matter, Sarah?” the day after she put her husband in the ground, and the girl she thought was dead, showed up at her front door?!?! Really Lawrence? Really?! Are you shitting me with this, you cheating fucking mothereffing shithead!! UGHH!!!

Get him away from me.. Ugh!!

Besides, Lawrence I really liked this book. Loved Little Bees dialogue with us and herself. Little Bee gets all the stars.. I will not give any to Sarah, because I’m scared she’ll share them with… him.. Ugh!

The ending though……. o_O