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A Thousand Benjamins - Michael Kun
First of all, you must forgive me in advance, because this is the 5th book from this author that I’ve read, and loved them all, so this review might be biased.. Or maybe it won’t, we’ll see..

As I said this is the 5th book I’ve read by Mr. Kun, which is a bit strange considering this is the first book he wrote, I think, so maybe I should have started out with this one. If you’re reading this review, while not having read a Kun book before, you should probably not read this as your first one though. Because wow, this is different from the other Kun books I’ve read. They are so different that I would never in a million years, have guessed that this was a Kun book, had it not been for the preface, which is very Kun-ish. Just a warning. I’m not sure I would have jumped on his other books, had this been my first.

If you start reading this, while smiling and in a happy mood, you will soon be frowning and on the edge of depression. It’s very heavy. (How is it possible that a 24 year old college kid wrote this? I just don’t get that.. Really? 24? I thought 24 year old college kids would write about all the women they wanted to… umm.. meet up with.. not this.. 24? Really?)

It’s about Benjamin, a 40-something guy, whose wife leaves him. It’s about him growing up and < cliché on > finding himself < /cliché off >. But Benjamin hasn’t had an easy life, so there’s a lot for him to “overcome” and work through.. You get POV’s from Ben as he’s growing up too, all while trying to deal with all these things happening to him everyone around him.

I had such a hard time figuring out Ben. I couldn’t understand why he was so.. slow (not in the mental way though) and I just wanted to shake him up.. *wake up, wake up, wake up* Benjamin is the main thing in this book, and he’s just so… consuming. Yes, I guess that’s a good word. He consumes everything; every single word in the book becomes that much heavier because Benjamin and his heavy mind is everywhere and everything all at once. I wish I was smart enough to review this book properly because there were parts in the book, that I’m sure had a lot of symbolic meaning, which was lost on me..

Let me get to the part that I did get..

Benjamin meets a younger woman, almost 20 years his junior, and this woman – Kim – is also a troubled young soul. Just like Ben she too has some emotional scars she needs to overcome, and I was soo rooting for her! I was sooo rooting for her and Ben. Maybe because she reminded me of myself. They were such a strange couple. But more than anything I just wanted them to work. Wanted them to help each other.. Which is also why I didn’t really like the ex-wife Mary Joe, Mary Jane, Mary Jack, Mary Jewel, Mary Jude. Nope, didn’t like her. And that little stunt she pulled off in the hospital bed? Oh hell no, she didn’t!

Yes, I love, love, loved Benjamin and Kim which is why I ended up with tears in my eyes at the end! Yay Ben! Good boy! even with all that sexual frustration.. God, I wanted those two to.. get it on! *pheww*

Throughout reading this book, it was a 2-3 star rating for me, because of the heaviness and how it was sometimes dragged out, but with that ending, and the fact that it surprised me with characters I’ve met in his other books, like Earl and his smirk, and also the fact that I ended up with tears in my eyes at the end, it has to be 4 stars from me to Benjamin and Kim.. I hope its forever!