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Last Night in Twisted River - John Irving

This is such an odd story, and I have absolutely no idea how to review this. I must apologize to you, the reader, if you are reading this in the hope of finding out if you should read or not read this book.. Because honestly, I don’t know what to tell you.. I’ll just wing it from here on out.. Please forgive me in advance.

I’ve read a couple of Irving books before, all of which I’ve loved. Really loved. Until I Find You being my favorite.. But that partly takes place in my hometown, so can you really blame me?

I love Irvings way of writing. It’s serious, but has a warm feeling, and always with a somewhat funny touch to it. Not saying that his books are comedies in any way, but there is a certain way, a certain use of words, that can’t help but bring a smile to your lips, or even a quick chuckle. At least that’s how I read his books. And therefore I was expecting the same when picking this book up. Honestly, I can’t even believe I waited so long before picking it up, but alas, I did, and here I am now, completely confused, after finishing it.

I want to love it. I really, really want to love it. And I think if Danny had not had a happy ever after or, a woman falling down from heaven, as it were, at the end, I would probably have loved it.. Or loved it more.. Sometimes happy endings aren't the best thing. And Danny with Hero on his island.. Only them and Danny with finding his first sentence, finding his first chapter? Yeah, that would have worked for me more.. I think..

This is a story about Danny (also known as Daniel or Fuckhead - don’t look at me like that, it was his wife calling him that – not me!) his Dad Dominic (also known as Tony or Cookie - again, not me) and family “friend” Ketchum. It’s about these 3 people, how 2 of them have to run for their lives, how 1 of them tries to do everything he can to “save” the other 2, it’s about trying to live up to promises you can’t keep. It’s about love. Love for your family.

We first meet the guys, when Danny is 12 years old in 1954. Something happens, that makes Danny and Cookie go on the run. This book is about the lives of these 3 guys, it’s about secrets, and not keeping enough of them. It’s also sexual, but in a suppressed kind of way. It’s not sexy in any way. No, no, no. It’s not sexy. It’s sad. Its sometimes depressing. It made me chuckle. It made me cry. But not in a “no, no, noooooo” –kind of way. More in a “my heart can’t take all this sadness anymore” –kind of way.

This is not a perfect story. No, it is not. But I actually think that works, because the family in this story is broken and flawed, and so far from perfect, but in the end…? You can’t help but love them..

4 stars.