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St-st-stuffed (Enemies to Lovers, #2) - Anyta Sunday
((Freebie on Amazon/Kindle))

Before starting my review, I have to say that I review “free books” differently from books I'v paid for. With that I mean, that a free book can be a 5 star review, where it would maybe be a 3 star review had I paid for it.. Why you ask? Well, let me tell you. Because I don’t expect much from free books.. there I said it. I expect books I’ve paid for to be better than free books. Is that so wrong? No matter what, it’s just an FYI for those of you who might be reading this as possible buyer. I got it free on Amazon, and therefore will be reviewing it as a freebie..

Right after starting this book, I was thinking: ”How can this possibly be a Freebie? It’s way too good.” And I guess I was right, because I have since been told that it was only a freebie for one day on Amazon.. All I can say to that is: “Lucky me!” Because yeah, this book is great, it really is. As a freebie, mind you. I don’t think I would have paid for this book (which you may find strange considering the number of stars) but I’ll get back to that.

This book is about Karl who’s a 27 year old gay guy, who recently lost his job as a fast food cook. His dream is to be a real chef. Karl looks through the local paper when he sees a job listing for a.. well for a ‘nanny’ basically, a nanny who cooks too. Karl thinks that that can’t be that hard, so he applies. The boss turns out to be Paul, a guy Karl bullied when they were in school together as kids. Paul, of course, isn’t too happy to see Karl, but Karl still ends up getting the job of looking after ‘Charlie’ who is Paul’s kid. The mother died while giving birth.

This story is about Karl and Paul, and a story of becoming a family.

I really, really liked this story. It was very, very sweet.. I swear to God I almost literally *melted* when Charlie would call Karl for ‘Karly’.. It may not sound as much, but its sooo easy to picture these guys, and Charlie calling Karl for Karly? *Melting*

When I say that it was ‘sweet’ I’m not over exaggerating one bit. Even the sex scenes are sweet.. In fact the sex scenes are so sweet that they have been left out of the book. So yeah, no sex scenes. If that’s your thing, you shouldn’t pick up this book.. It’s actually one of the reasons why I’m not giving this book 5 stars. And then you might be thinking: “You’re not giving it 5 stars because there’s no sex? What a bitch” And yeah, maybe I am, and it’s not that I have to have sex scenes in my books, because trust me, I don’t.. Want proof? I’ve read Twilight.. ha! So there.. Anyway, it’s not that I need sex scenes, it’s just that these two are really sexual and they talk sex, they curse a lot, they even have some quick and playful Dom/sub time (Oh God, that was YUM!) so what’s up with cutting the actual sex scenes? I didn’t understand that part at all. I mean, my favorite line, from the book, quite literally oozes “I want to throw you on the bed and tie you up”

While out walking Paul says to Karl: “Would it be tacky if I just kept kissing wherever we go? I feel like a freaking dog, need to mark you everywhere.”

Go for it dammit, mark your boy!


So yeah.. I needed these two to get it on, and that’s why I didn’t give it the last star..

Okay.. Moving on.. as I said, this is a really cute and sweet story, maybe a bit too sweet for my liking. Which again sounds strange, considering I’ve given it 4 stars, but remember I told you that I review freebies differently. For me to have been over-the-moon-freaking-out-excited about this book, there should have been a bit more drama with the whole ‘coming out’ and Paul Domming Karl sex.. Karl even agrees with me;

“Paul struck him with a wide, cheeky smile. “Want to move this to a room with a lock on it?”

Oh. Hell. Yes.”
Karl thought.

And I did too..