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Too many books - too much fanfiction - too little time

You Poor Monster - Michael Skakun I now know what it feels like to have my soul sucked out of me.. I have no words. I cant review this book.. This.. (insert full on Hollywood *hand on mouth to quiet the sounds of sobbing while the tears run down my already tear-wet face* scene)

Fuck.. Let me try again.. This is a book about a guy, Ham and another guy Shoogey.. Ham has a family and one day they meet their neighbor Shoogey...

No, I cant do this right now..

Review to come..

(insert break for more tears down my already very wet face)
Next day..

3 times.. 3 times I started to cry in the hour after finishing this book… 3 times…

I really need to write this review.. And if not for you (the possible reader) then for me, myself and I. I have a feeling I’ll come back to this review many times. There’s always going to be something I’ve not said or something else that I need to tell the possible reader, or my future self, about this book..

This book.. Its.. umm.. Special.. Its nothing I’ve ever read before.. And I don’t know if I want to kiss the author (sorry possible wife) or if I want to slap him (sorry author).

We have Ham Ashe, with his wife and 2 small girls. We have their almost neighbour Sam Shoogey.
Shoogey is going through a divorce and needs the help of Ham, who happens to be a lawyer, and that is how their journey begins..
After Shoogey joins their life, you can’t help but love him. He has this way of talking and telling stories that just sucks you right in.. (Thanks for that author!! Oh you know why I’m all *narrow eyes* at you right now!) You cant help but love Shoogey.. Well I couldn’t at least. I loved Shoogey!

I found out while reading this, that I know I’m reading a good book, when I cant help but think “Oh, I need to quote this line in my review” which I did.. a lot.. and after 70 pages, I could have quoted everything Shoogey had said.. He was dry, with a funny twist. If that’s even a thing to be.. Dry with a funny twist.

Through the first 75% of this book I was LOL’ing (as the kids call it these days) I was freaking laughing out loud. I loved the people in this book. I loved the amazing flow of words and the funny dialogue. Then 75% in… BAM! Something changed. The mood changed.. That was all it was in the beginning. I wasn’t laughing anymore. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t laughing anymore. It was still the same people. They were all there, but now I wanted to cry.. And I cried. I didn’t understand why though. What had changed? I cried over nothing. It was the mood that had changed. It was the endnotes!! And I cried.

I will not go into what happens, ‘cause trust me you don’t want to know.. But you will want to read this book! Just do yourself a favor and read the endnotes.. Yes, this book has endnotes! Some are funny, some are just information, some are heartbreaking..

Read the endnotes!

Read the book.