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The Locklear Letters - Michael Kun This is very hard to review, cause the ending left me somewhat.. numb, for the lack of a better word...

I loved the book though.. I think..

I would just have loved it more if it didnt have a happy ending..

Which makes me sound like a really evil person, I know, but let me try to explain..

This is a book written through letters (which automatically gets a "Hell yeah!" from me) from Sid Straw to his college "friend" Heather Locklear.. Yes, the Melrose Place Heather Locklear.. And letters and notes to many others after that.. At first you get the impression that Sid could be some kind of stalker, and the more you know about him the more you want to know.. What is his deal exactly? Can anybody really be that... umm... weird? The things he does! The things that happen! Jesus.. But its so. freaking. funny! The more shit he got into the more I laughed and the crazier it got the more I laughed.. Seriously. I was LOL'ing for real..

Thats where the "numb" comes in.. Cause this was all about Sid being weird and getting into trouble, and I wanted that. I loved that. So when it all began to tie into a perfect happily ever after ending it lost some of its appeal.. Which sucks, cause I really, really liked it.. I loved it.. Just not the ending..

So I can only give it 4 stars..

But thats not that bad, is it?

Eat wheaties!

Edit after reviewing..

Had I known that this was not the only book about Sid I would probably have given it 5 stars and a completely different review.. But I didnt at the time of reading and reviewing. Sid pops up again in Everybody Says Hello by the same author, and in my world that is a sequel to this book. Just an FYI..