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Everybody Says Hello - Michael Kun In my world this is a sequel to The Locklear Letters in which we first meet Mr. Sid Straw..

It’s not listed as a series though, and I can’t find anything about it being a “sequel” on the authors website either, so I’m unsure, because it can definitely be read as a stand-alone book, but trust me.. Trust me (please just trust me on this!) you will miss out on so much awesomeness if you haven’t read The Locklear Letters

So if you haven’t read The Locklear Letters and you’re here reading this review? Well.. What are you waiting for? Run along and go pick up The Locklear Letters instead..

(and then, kindly, come back and read my review.. ;)

This, as I said, is the second book in where I’ve met Sid.. And had I known I would meet him again after reading The Locklear Letters I would probably have given that 5 stars too.. Cause I was a little disappointed with the sudden happily ever after Sid got..

But oh vey..

I should really have known better.. That was definitely NOT Sid’s happily ever after..

No, this is Sid’s happily ever after.. And this time? Well, this time I’m completely ok with that.. Cause this time he deserves his happily ever after.. (*see endnote if you want to know if I’m an evil person who don’t want Sid to be happy..)

We meet Sid about 4 years later (from when The Locklear Letters ended) and this time he’s decided to move to California. Back to the town where he went to college and where his BFF Heather Locklear lives. (Oh, and yes its The Heather Locklear.. Eat Wheaties!) He travels across the US of A while moving there and we tag along reading all his postcards and notes to his family and friends… and future co-workers.. and enemies.. And was there something about a Streetwalker too? Or maybe that’s just me thinking of something else.. Wait.. What..?

If you’ve read The Locklear Letters you’ll know what Sid is like, and you’ll know how much crap he gets into.. If you’ve not read The Locklear Letters ? Well.. then I’m pretty sure I told you earlier to run to the nearest bookshop and come back when you’ve read it.. Cause you should.. It’s hilarious! And it’s Sid! And trust me you want to meet Sid! (Did you notice how many of my sentences end with an exclamation point?! Yeah, I learned that from Sid! He’s that great! Really.. He is!)

Sid meets a lot of new people, and he writes notes to them too! And then one time, when he went to band camp.... Wait.. No, sorry.. That wasn’t him.. But he did go to Vegas though.. And I almost choked laughing.. really.. I almost choked! From laughing!

For the life of me I can’t understand how the author could write this and still be alive? Surely he must have died from laughing too much while writing? I did read on his website that he was once “killed” in an Amazon review.. So I’m voting that “died of laughing too much while writing his own book” should be added to “ways he died” ?

If I just did a no-no with the whole mentioning ‘dying’ and ‘author’ in the same sentence then I apologize.. The author is not dead.. of course.. Who would be able to give me more Sid if he was? I really adore the author.. Just like Sid adores Heather.. And Macy.. And Heather.. So I apologize, author.. I adore you! Wait.. Maybe you should just ignore that last part.. What happens in Denmark, stays in Denmark and all that jazz..

Fantastic book. And if I could give it 5 stars and then an extra.. well, just because.. then I would.. I love laughing!

Ok, so yeah, the guy deserves his “happily ever after” but… I also deserve more of Sid, so I would be completely OK with him coming back for a third go at a happily ever after..

Just sayin.. Author.. I wouldn’t mind at all..

I adore you! *cough cough COUGH*

Eat Wheaties!