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Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #10) - J.R. Ward May 17th 2011

Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay! Qhuay!

Tohr who? ;oP

March 27th (finished at 01.30 in the morning, so technically it's the 28th I guess)

Done.. And I dont know what to say really. I should be happy, I should be freaking out, crazy excited, all over the place, considering that last Qhuay scene.. But I'm not.. I'm so fucking not happy right now..

I may be the most evil person, but I do not want Qhuinn as Layla's babydaddy. Not even if she somehow died and the kid got raised by Qhuinn and Blay..

I do NOT want this baby..

The thing is.. Everything in this book points to a child, and if that happens..?

No.. just... No..


Actual review tomorrow..

March 28th

At work the next day, trying to write my actual review..

So what did I think..

I’m trying really hard to not think about the things I didn’t like, cause with as little sleep as I got last night, and the fact that I still feel exhausted, I’m pretty sure I would start bawling my eyes out, and that’s not the best thing to do at work.. Well.. At least that’s what I’ve been told..

I think I should just focus on the things I did like, and then let out all my Qhuayla frustration elsewhere..

I did, in fact, really like No’One.. And holy fuck, that was a big ass surprise for me. The only thing I’ve been waiting for with this book was the Qhuay parts, and I honestly haven’t even given No’One a thought the last year.. So it surprised the hell out of me when she actually made me tear up.. more than once..

This is Tohr’s second love story if you will. He had Wellsie, and this book sees him through a year of his life where he once again comes face to face with No’One, who he once met, and lived with for a year in a cave, while she was preggers. Sadly, she (No’One) had been kidnapped and raped, so after she gave birth to the little girl (who we all know now, was Xhex) she killed herself with Tohr’s black dagger. This happened a long time ago, long before Tohr was mated off to Wellsie.

In this book we find out that Wellsie is stuck in the In Between and to “save” her and their babyboy, Tohr has to let her go and move on. In the land of the BDB “moving on” and “letting go” of your dead mate is apparently fucking someone else… Ok… So not commenting on that one… *rolls eyes*

Anywho.. So yeah, I really, really liked Autumn No’One and her storyline. With Tohr and with Xhex too. I was surprised at how tough she was and how she could talk back to Tohr when he was being an ass, because holy flipping hell, Tohr acted like an ass! I mean, if I had the opportunity to bitch-slap one person in that book, I almost want to pick Tohr over Layla..

Umm.. Ok, no… I want to bitch-slap Layla… Pretty please?!

For the life of me I cannot fathom how JRW can make Qhuinn have sex with Layla..

She KNOWS that his HEA is someone else, another guy for fucks sake.. Why, WHY does he have to sleep with Layla? Put some fucking drugs in her and help her with her needing, don’t put your fucking c*ck in her, you stupid SOB!! Arghhh…


The thing that bothers me the most is the; Why? Why do they need to do this? There is no freaking point to the storyline, if of course, JRW doesn’t plan to bring a Qhuayla baby in to the world.. And after reading this book, I’m actually kinda scared, that that is exactly her plan.. Why else have them screw each other? There is no freaking point!!

Am I too invested in Qhuinn and Blay? Maybe.. Probably.. But I can’t help what I feel. And I feel very, very strongly about these 2 boys, and if she does this.. If she makes Qhuinn be a father to Layla’s baby, she’s fucking up Qhuinn’s story.. and that I will never forgive..

Over all, I liked this book.. I couldn’t give it any stars last night when I finished it, ‘cause I was too exhausted from crying too much, and too numb from worrying about the 2 people I love the most in this series.

After some thought, I think I’ll give it 4 stars. Qhuinn, Layla, and Tohr being a bitch, makes me want to take 1 away, but then I think of No’One and how she made me tear up, and then I’m ok with 4 stars..