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Unleashing the Storm (ACRO, #2) - Sydney Croft
So in this book we meet the Animal couple, when Ender (Or just Tom) finds his bitch.. (Hmm.. Ok, that would have been funnier if Kira, his mate, was a female dog and not a cat, but whatever, I cant have it all;)

Once again the main couple in the book did absolutly nothing for me, while I couldnt get enough of the side stories.. 2nd book in a row.. What is up with that?

Can I just pleeeease have a book with Dev & Oz and/or Creed and The Swede?

I really want to give this book 2 stars, cause the Aminal couple defo didnt do it for me, but then I think about how much I love Dev, Creed and the Swede, so for them I'll add another.

3 stars..