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Dance With Me - Heidi Cullinan I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out how many stars I want to give this book. And I still haven’t come up with an answer yet, so I will see where my review takes me before I rate it.. I guess..

So what did I think..
I have mixed feelings. Yes.. very mixed feelings..

To sum it up, this book is about a retired football player and a retired ballet dancer, trying to make it work.
Ed, the football player and Laurie the ballet dancer.

Ed, I loved.. yes.. Ed, was a great character, and I think he was written amazingly actually. I loved him drunk, and I loved him sad, and I loved him mad, and I loved his sense of humor..

Laurie, I did not love. No.. I don’t know if it was part of the plot to have the ballet dancer named Laurie also be the sad and needy character, the “Please don’t leave me” character.. Laurie irritated me more than anything. I just wanted to slap him and shake him while screaming, “relax, your boyfriend loves you too.. ‘Cause you know, he’s told you about a million times now!”
The worst ‘Laurie’ moment was when after just receiving a heartfelt note with a million red roses, Laurie still goes into “Omg, what if he doesn’t love me” mode.. Hey, I think the million red roses should have given you just a tiny clue, but ok, we can’t all be the same..

Ed though.. Yes.. more of him.. What about a book with 2 Ed’s instead? Please.. I mean the guy is nothing but awesome..

But then Laurie would ruin the moment.. Like here:

“You—you’d be okay with just frottage?”
Ed lifted his head and laughed. “Frottage?”
Laurie got huffy. “You liked it well enough then, and you just said—”
“The name, Laur, not the act.” He grinned. “Frottage. Makes it sound like a textbook. Do you want me to touch your penis and penetrate your anus too?”

I mean, that right there is some funny shit.. I literally LOL’ed for real while reading it. That was funny, just my kind of humor, and I wanted to give Ed an old-fashioned high5.. But then, the next thing you read is Ed apologizing for that funny as shit line and feeling bad for Laurie cause he couldn’t handle Ed’s awesomeness joke. And then the reader, or me, is left with almost feeling guilty that I laughed at that because I found it funny… Just because Laurie didn’t.. Meh..

I also found a lot of the scenes could have been left out. Like all the trips to the emergency room when there was never any problem and all Ed needed were painkillers.

Oh, and of course the family sexfest at the end.. Wtf was that? In my opinion a person’s ‘Godfather’ is someone who is there at your christening and have seen you grow up… right? I mean, seen you as a tiny baby and been there every step along the way… right? Then am I the only one finding it somewhat disturbing that Laurie’s ‘Godfather’ tells him how hot he would be in bed and that he needs to come have an orgy hot tub-session with his Godfather, his Godfathers husband and his own boyfriend.. O_O That was just.. Not necessary.. And somewhat disturbing..

Anyway.. I did really like Ed, and I’m glad he got his happy ending.. So for him I’ll give it two stars.. It may not sound as much, but as the 2 star rating say; It was ok.