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Sexiest Vampire Alive - Kerrelyn Sparks Love, love, LOVE!!

Review tomorrow..


Next day..

This is the 11th book in the Love at Stake series, and its Gregori's book..

And its freaking amazing is what it is!!

The thing is.. This is not the best written book ever, and this series could probably be tagged as "guilty pleasure" because its just.. easy.. its easy to read, and its funny, and its sweet and its sexy, mostly though its just easy reading..

But I LOVE it!!

This is, like I said, Gregori's book. The storyline from the previous books has been continued, and Gregori find himself having to protect the entire vamp race to the President of the US and A.. There he meets the Presidents daughter, Abby.. Yes.. Thats the hero's love interest.. The Presidents daughter.. Corny? Yes.. A little ridiculous? Yes.. Does it work? Hell. Yes.

LOVE these two together.. Love, love, LOVE Gory (as she nicknames him) and honestly it couldnt get any more 'guilty pleasure-ish' than this.. But it works, and I freaking loved it!

5 stars for sure!