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The Darkest Secret - Gena Showalter
Now this is the LOTU I know and love..

The last book left me, grinding my teeth, because of Legion the Über-bitch.. Gods, I hate that effing little disgusting thing..

Thank God, she wasnt in this one!

This was Amuns book.. Amun and Haidee.. Awww.. I loved them together! We hadnt really gotten much from Amun, in the last book. He's the keeper of secrets, and to not spill them all out, he doesnt talk..

He could mind-talk to Haidee though, and I loved 'hearing' him speak to her.. Loved his demanding voice.. Who the hell knew, that Amun would turn out to be freaking sexy, ey? Hot, hot, hot!!

For me though, there was another one who stole the show in this book.. One. word.


Grrrrr! Gods, I love him.. Him and Kaia? Oh. Hell. Yes!

I love those two together, sooo much electricity between these two, its insane.. Going to be one hot book!

And Strider just left me LOL'ing for real throughout this book.. He's so damn funny.. There was the prank call to Maddox.. Oh God.. So effing funny.. "You naked, big boy?" LOL!!! Love it!

All in all a great LOTU book, and I cant. wait. for. Striders. !!