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Danskeren - Robert Goddard This was a 4 star book for me throughout most of it… Right until the main character supposedly felt worse when a woman he had just met died, more than when his best friend through 40 years died.. Hmm..

Ok, I know you have to set up the future “maybe, sorta, kinda” love story but in this book it just wasn’t needed at all! And it made me take away a star from the rating.

The story it self is good though. It’s a story about a middle-aged guy, who thinks he’s doing something nice for an old friend, and somehow ends up on the journey of his life. And that journey takes him through Europe and a lot of dangerous situations.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book like this. I call them “Dan Brown” books. Because we all know the recipe to a Dan Brown book. “Mystery. Suspension with a woman sidekick and a lot of theories.” And this one has all of that too. Well, I would have liked it better without the woman sidekick but whatevs, I can’t get everything I want, right? ;)

Oh. And one more thing, and since this is about the Danish translation, I’m going to say bye bye to the English readers now.. ;op

~~~~ Danish~~~~

En anden ting der virkelig irriterende mig ved denne bog var, at de oversat you til De.

Hvorfor? Hvorfor gør de altid det i danske bøger? Jeg forstår det simpelthen ikke!

Hovedpersonen i denne bog kaldte ham, som han havde jagtet igennem hele bogen, og ham som han tror han slået sin bedste ven ihjel for ”De” ? Really?? Really, dig som har oversat til bogen til dansk? Really? Selv hvis det var Dronningen ville man da ikke kalde hende for ”De” i sådan en situation, hvor der er pistoler og andre ting involveret. Sådan en latterlig fejl, der automatisk giver mig lyst til at trække en stjerne mere ned.

Anyway.. 3 stars is pretty fair I think..