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Father of Dragons - Emily Veinglory

This is hard to review.. Because I liked the story, except the ending and one of the main charcters..

But other than that? Pretty good..

Its about Xeras, a fugitive from his homeland, who meets a dragon, gets pregnant (without him knowing) by it. He has his former lover, who is now dead, talking to him in his mind, guiding him along the way..

He meets a duke, Carly, at one point. And kinda falls for him. But Xeras knows that if he really falls in love with Carly, Drin, his former lover, will disapear from his mind.. So he's confused..

The worst thing about this book? Drin! Oh God.. I hated him.. Which makes me a bitch, because Drin wanted the best for Xeras, but why not just let him go for Gods sake? Why stay around, so he cant forget you, ya feel me? Ok yes, I have a thing with past lovers in stories.. I really dont like them having a big part. Especially not parts like this, where the main character cant forget a former lover.. Hate those kind of stories.. And that should be hate with a capital H.. Just sayin..

The ending.. Well, I dont really care that it didnt have an ending, a lot of books dont when there is a sequal. But I hate that I dont really want to read the 2nd book.. I dont want to sit through a whole book where Drin is around.. And I made the mistake of reading a review of the 2nd book, where it said what a big part Drin played.. so.. yeah.. Dont really wanna read it now..

I did like Xeras and Carly, and I would really like to read their HEA though.. But with Drin there too? No, thank you..

The story itself was very interesting. Definitely different from any other plotlines I've read.. Its not the hottest book, so if thats what you're after, this is not it. But just an interesting, exciting plotline, with ghosts, dragons and magic..