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My Fair Captain (Sci-Regency #1) - J.L. Langley Yes, I cheated with the last 40% of this book, quickly skimming the pages, and pressing next (kindle version) as quickly as I could..

Wow.. I really didnt like this story..

First, it was the idea of "no girls allowed" on the planet Regelence that rubbed me to a degree where I felt like growling.. And when I write "no girls allowed" I mean that they freaking didnt want girls being born, because every one had to be a guy and had to be gay...?? WTF?!

Ok, being gay is cool and all, but this is just disturbing!

Second, I didnt like the story at all..

Third, I didnt like Aiden and Nate together.. I almost felt like Aiden could be Nates son, and so yeah, the sex was just wrong..

Fourth, its a tradition that the young virgin boy, gets a buttplug put up by his best man.. Which is soooo creepy, I cant even stand it, and when you then consider that in this story, Aiden's best man was his two Fathers Yes, because when you dont allow girls to be born, you'll be born from the DNA of two men, and then stuffed in an egg somewhere to cook it takes creepy to a whole nother level, and I kinda wanted to vomit and then burn the book after that..

Thank God for Nate in that situation though! Thanks for not making me throw up, Nate, I owe you one!

Fifth, if I had to hear the word boy one more time, I was going to flip.. I mean.. Seriously? Jesus..

I actually had to gag laugh when I read this from Aiden..

He loved the way Nate called him boy. It made him feel special


Really? Really Aiden? Having a much older man call you boy, makes you feel special? Could it be because you havent been allowed to just look at another man your whole life, because you had to be a pretty little virgin boy for your future master husband?

And then I'm guessing you feel extra special, and fuzzy inside, when he tells you to call him Sir??

Sixth, I didnt like this story..