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Angels of the Deep - Kirby Crow
I have no idea what to say here.. I dont really want to write a review.. Would love nothing more than to just delete this book from my Kindle, and never think about it again..

I have no idea why this book bothered me so much.. But when I seriosuly wanted the "good guy" in this book to end up with the nasty, bad, motherfucking evil SOB, you get the point that I absolutly didnt get the point of this book..

Or maybe it shows that there is something seriously wrong with me, but I would rather not dig deeper into that theory.. :o/

This is about Beck, who we get to know in the prologue, where he almost gets molested by a priest.. Yes, thats the beginning, and then it just goes from there.. Beck is unique because he had a "Watcher" for a father and a human for a mother.. All this he knows nothing about, until later in his life.. Lets just say that these halflings are special, and not supposed to feel love or stuff like that..

There is Sean, who we get the feeling early on is the "good guy" and a love interest for Beck.. I just never liked the guy.. So yeah.. That sucked too..

There was Mastema.. The evil motherfucker.. Oh, let me say that both Mastema and Sean had been in love with Beck's soul for over 6000 years, and they both wanted him.. Sean on the good side.. Mastema on the bad side.. So how fucked up am I for wanting Beck to be with Mastema? Jesus Christ!

I dont know.. I just felt that Sean loved the former body of Becks soul more than the new version of the soul, which would be Beck, if that makes any sense? lol And for some reason, I thought Mastema talked more directly to Beck than the former soul.. Ahh well.. Fuck it. Still didnt it like it..

I dont know.. Some of the chapters were good though.. There were few times where I felt I was into it, but it was only when Beck and the evil motherfucker were together.. So yeah.. I'm so screwed.. :o/

All in all.. 1 star.. Didnt like it.. And let me end with a perfect example of why I didnt like it.. This is one sentence, try to imagine a whole book of sentences like this... Good Gawd..

"Everywhere, from Assyria to Babylonia, the entire valley of the Euphrates was aflame with the abdor of the children of Abraham, who had brought Yahweh to them."

Try reading 300 pages of that!