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Switch - Claire Thompson
Right above where you write your review here on GR, it says: What did you think?

So.. Yeah.. What did I think? I really have no idea but since I ended up with a 4 star review, I guess I really liked it..

It was the first BDSM book that explained things to me. The flying the Subs feel, the way they flow with it until the pleasure and pain is just one feeling..

I really like Nathan and Dane's relationship.. Dane was a hardcore Dom before he met Nathan, who could see that there were some Sub qualities hidden in Dane, and he desperately wanted to find them and experience it with Dane..

I have never been able to really understand what it is a Sub wants, beside the obvious pain, but I liked how the book took it a step further, and explained the feelings behind the pain, so-to-speak..

I still dont know why I keep ending up reading BDSM books.. I'm a vanilla kind of girl (I think? ;) but I just really like the emotional parts in these books.. or at least in some of the 'not-so-hardcore' books..

I even ended up with teary eyes at the end, which I wouldnt have expected from a BDSM book, but I really felt good with these two guys, and loved their ending..