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Seize the Night  - Sherrilyn Kenyon
It's funny.. After having read a book in the Dark-Hunter series, it always takes me quite a while to pick up the next one in the series.. Why I dont know, because I always end up loving them.. (Except Talons book.. Grrr)

The same with this one about Val and Tabby..

First, let me start off by saying.. Val... Mmmmm.. You yummi Roman you.. *wiggles eyebrows*

Maybe its because it always takes me a whole day to read a DH book, that I tend to need a break from it, for a little while.. Well, no matter what I dont think its going to take me over a month before I pick up the next one.

I loved how much info about Ash we got in this book. There are still a lot of books, until I have to read his own, so I'm wondering if it can be right, that we were already introduced to his HEA in this book? Interesting..

I LOVED that Simi called Ash her daddy, so I can stop worrying about the whole "Wannabe-Legion" crap. It was really touch-and-go there for a couple of books, I have to admit, but Simi slept with Nick? You go demon girl!

Anywho.. Yeah, I really liked this book, Val and Tabby were a great HEA couple. You know one of those couples, that shouldnt really fit, but when they finally come together, its just right, and they end up one of those couples that cant keep their hands off eachother, and that all other couples secretly hate for being too perfect and happy? Yeah, they end up one of those HEA's. But I LOVE both of them, and together they are just really that perfect and happy..

There is one thing that I dont like about DH though.. Its just too easy becoming immortal. I mean. I guess J.R Ward could learn something here. There are no ghosts, no, they just get told they are now immortal, and oh, yes, I also made your dentist, dogwalker, milkman and best friend from 2nd. grade immortal.. Just because, you know.. Why not?

Besides that, I think its a great series, and I cant wait to start the next one.